• Don Elliott

  • E-mail: Don@aafastpro.com
  • Biography:
  • Don ElliotDon and his family have lived in the Waukegan Illinois area for the past 36 years. He is a retired U. S. Navy Chief Petty Officer and is also a retired Waukegan Public Schools teacher and administrator. Don is a former Waukegan Community Unit District School Board member.

    During his tenure in the Navy, Don was a Fire Control Technician who began his career as a Talos guided missile technician and was also qualified to supervise, repair and operate the Vulcan Phalanx 20mm weapons system. At the close of Don’s navy career he was in-charge of the on-board weapons systems in the USS Saratoga (CV-60). 

    Don has always been a staunch advocate of the second amendment and personal gun ownership for the purpose of protecting one’s self or others. He helped craft the right-to-carry resolution for the Waukegan Township Republican Organization.

    Don is a gun owner, National Rifle Association(NRA) certified instructor, Life Member of the NRA and authorized to teach concealed carry for the Illinois and Utah Concealed Carry Permit. He is also qualified to teach the following NRA and Illinois CCW courses:

    1. Basic Pistol
    2. Personal Protection in the Home
    3. Personal Protection Outside the Home
    4. 16-hour and 8-hour concealed carry classes
    5. 3-hour renewal class for the Illinois CCW permit.
    6. Utah Concealed Carry Course
  • Robert Schultz Jr.

  • E-mail: robertschultzconsulting@gmail.com
  • Website:http://www.robertschultzconsulting.com
  • Biography:
  • Robert Schultz is committed to your safety. He has spent over 24 years ensuring the nation's safety and security. He served in the Navy from 1989 - 1997. He is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Springfield. He still serves as a Uniformed Federal Police Officer (Instructor) for the Department of Defense.

    Robert Schultz is committed to helping you help yourself. He has explained a wide verity of topics to the military and law enforcement community including, but not only limited to:

    1. Instructor in Anti-Terrorism
    2. Instructor in Tactical Team Movements
    3. Instructor in Active Shooter Response (Law Enforcement)
    4. Instructor in Active Shooter Response (Civilian)
    5. Instructor in Advanced Active shooter Response (Law Enforcement)
    6. Instructing in Firearms Marksmanship
    7. Military and Police Range Safety Officer
    8. Instructor in Safety, storage and function of firearms
    9. Instructor in Military Force Protection
    10. Instructor in Use of Force
    11. Instructor in application of Federal, State, local and USMJ laws
    12. Instructor in Law Enforcement response to Sexual Assaults, Crime prevention, Home Security, School security, interrogation, interviews, police dispatching, jurisdiction.
    13. Planned and evaluated response by Law Enforcement and military units to terrorism and criminal events.
    14. Instructor in CPR/First Aid/BLS
    15. Lifetime member of the NRA